Jamie’s Chicken, Lemon and Spinach Traybake

4 large potatoes, cut into wedges

6 large garlic cloves, bashed in their skin

1 lemon, quartered

small bunch of basil

2 chicken thighs and 2 drumsticks

3 handfuls of spinach

Preheat oven to gas mark 5; toss the wedges with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic cloves, lemon quarters, basil and chicken; bake for 45 minutes until cooked through, throw washed spinach in to wilt for a few moments…..now enjoy!

Vitamin C

Homemade Vitamin C
I found this interesting article on a friend’s facebook page- I think that it highlights several areas we should be thinking about. I am posting because it makes a lot of sense to me and I would value any comments, thoughts, feedback people have to offer.
I am concerned that modern farming methods compromise the nutritional value of our food- without scientific basis, my personal opinion is that we need to seriously consider the food miles covered by everything we eat, the trauma that forcing popular ingredients to satisfy commercialised demand causes to the fundamental structure of both plant and animal life and the true merit of out of season, out of natural habitat items.
Currently my own research indicates that the nutritional value we expect from many foods is compromised, and I feel my opinion is not original or unique as the supplement business is booming and has been for some time. Recently I came across creditable figures that suggested today’s  spinach was even less likely to cause Popeye to pop than it was forty years ago!
We all take supplements- we need to think about that!
The following information came via:
It is no secret that many people blatantly not suffering from deprivation and starvation are none the less short on vital nutrients, namely vitamin and mineral content. So many people routinely take vitamin supplements without questioning the source of those supplements…I am certainly guilty of this!

So you may not know that almost all of the vitamin C supplement manufactures are making their vitamin C from genetically engineered corn. What! You exclaim. How am I supposed to get enough vitamin C into my family if I don’t buy store bought supplements? Answer: You make your own! What you are about to read is something that the giant pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to see.

Even the health food stores don’t want you to know about this secret. You can make your very own vitamin C supplement that is ten times better than anything you could buy in a store at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU!

Does it have a 1,000 mg of vitamin C per dosage? Nope. Does it have the USRDA amount per dosage? Not at all. Has it been approved by the FDA?  Absolutely not!

What homemade vitamin C does have is live enzymes that allow the vitamin C to be 100% assimilated into your body.  It has its own natural source of rutin, hesperidin, and bioflavonoids. It’s easily acquired, easy to make, and even tastes good, too. It’s just orange & lemon peels.

It’s that easy. Any organic orange or lemon peels left over from the fruit you  buy will do the trick.  Save all of your peels after you eat the inside of the fruit and cut them into thin strips. Place them on a plate on your dining room table and let them dry at room temperature for a couple of days until dry and crisp. You can also dehydrate the peels with a food dehydrator and then store them for about a year in a dry container. For consumption, one idea is to break up peels into smaller pieces and mix them with your favorite tea. This makes the tea taste great, but the downside to this approach is that heat destroys the enzymes. A better option is to place the peel strips into your coffee grinder and grind them into a powder (which won’t hurt the enzymes) and use to mix with your early morning smoothie. One rounded teaspoon will supply you with more organic vitamin C complex, rutin, hesperidin, and bioflavonoids than your body needs for the day, regardless of your size. And this homemade citrus peel powder mixed in your blender with some fresh organic apple juice tastes good too.

Ian Shillington

Ian Shillington

Dr. Ian Shillington is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in helping others to help themselves using nutritional and herbal naturopathic remedies. His definition of naturopathy is “the science or art of treating a disease by addressing the cause, using nutrition, exercise, sunlight, clean air, pure water, massage, hydrotherapy (both hot & cold), confront, prayer, meditation, lifestyle, biochemistry (which includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.), and correcting any imbalances found.” Herbal Remedies (Yahoo! group) Copyright © 2012 by Ian Shillington N.D. All rights reserved.

Lemon Peel



☛ Is lemon peel, the cheapest investment in your health? What we’ve been wasting:
❥ It gives you more vitamins – Lemon peels contain as much as 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the lemon juice itself. To name a few: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, beta carotene, folate, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

❥ It helps in fighting cancer – Lemon peels are health rejuvenators in eradicating toxic elements in the body. This means that lemon peels help rid the body of carcinogenic elements. Lemon peels consists of components known as salvestrol Q40 and limonene, which are known to fight against cancerous cells in the body. Also, the flavonoids present in the peel are known to be effective when it comes to curbing the division of cancerous cells Therefore, consumption of lemon peel is known to be a preventive measure against development of various types of cancers including breast cancer, colon cancer, and skin cancer. A study revealed that consumption of hot tea with lemon peel has proved to be beneficial in preventing the development of cancer cells.

❥ It improves bone health – Lemon peels have lots of calcium and Vitamin C. Consuming lemon peels will help prevent osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory polyarthritis, and other bone conditions.

❥ It decreases cholesterol levels – Digesting lemon peels will help lower the LDL cholesterol, or the bad cholesterol through its polyphenol flavonoids. Vitamin C and vitamin P help in clearing the blood vessels, preventing or minimizing the risks of developing the interrelated conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetic heart disease.


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